Why I’m leaving Medium


July 30, 2020

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(this was also published in Medium at the same time, https://medium.com/@polographer/why-im-leaving-medium-9ba6ad327055, writing it here just in case)

All my life as a developer I always had a blog, I like to document strange cases, difficult solutions, things that are not found on page 11 of google. I may not be the best writer but I always try to make it fun.

A couple of occasions I’ve deployed my own solution but in the long term, it caused me more issues like updates, plugins, domain, hosting, in a word; maintenance. so I decided to use a third-party platform. A fair trade of my words for traffic and maybe ads.

Medium promised traffic in exchange for my articles, no ads, good design, simple interface. At the time it looked like a fair trade.

I used to feel like a small contributor

I’m certainly not DHH, I’m not famous or have millions of followers, but from time to time I publish something the people like to read or something that nobody has thought about.

For medium the most popular article is a guide to migrate from PhantomJS to Chrome in java, it may not be rocket science, but it’s useful.

I have other articles that attract some readers, enough to consider myself as a small contributor for Medium catalog of articles.

The walled garden

I understand that companies need to make money, the Medium approach was a semi walled garden at the beginning where they charged for premium features like custom domains, analytics, and other things.

But they changed it, they switched to a full walled garden with a limit of 4 article views for all:

Even if for this month I bring 26 views I get the same treatment as an external

So long and thanks for all the fish

As I told you, I create my articles in exchange for a platform, but I don’t think is a fair trade anymore, at the beginning I didn’t have the 4 read limit and I feel special participating in Medium because what they used to represent, but now even if I technically bring 26 visits and 13 reads this month I have a limit myself of 4 reads.

I don’t think is fair to small contributors. I don’t feel a part of something different where I used to contribute, I feel left out because of this.

If you are reading this, that means you are already on imprint, the new place where I'm going to be writing

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